Hydraulix specializes in hydraulic repair on boom trucks and heavy equipment requiring hydraulics to operate. We have 2 state-of-the-art repair centers strategically located in Columbus, Ohio and St. Marys, PA, where we can facilitate multiple vehicles requiring hydraulic repair.

We have the capabilities and experience to repair the following brands:







and more!

We also have quick access to these brands parts and their service support as we consistently have many being repaired in our facilities on a regular basis.

Why choose Hydraulix for your next boom truck hydraulic repair?

Over 40 years combined experience from our certified hydraulic and electrical boom truck technicians.

Before we repair, we make a proper diagnosis. We start all of our hydraulic, electrical and mechanical diagnostics with a thorough, detailed, visual and operational inspection before and after the repair is completed.

Hydraulic hose repair and hydraulic hose replacement:
We have unique capabilities to repair most any size hydraulic hose. Our high-quality hoses are made to order, whether we are servicing your boom truck at our Columbus, Ohio facility, St. Marys facility in PA or overnighting the part to you for on-site repair by your mechanic. We have hydraulic hose up to 1” in stock with all the fittings to match.

Non-conductive hydraulic hoses:
If you are operating machinery around high-voltage areas such as power lines where electric shock is a factor, you need to make sure your equipment has, and is repaired with, non-conductive hydraulic hose lines. Our non-conductive hydraulic hose is recommended for hydraulic boom lifts, telehandlers and any equipment requiring hydraulic hose that works in high-voltage environments. Our professionals can overhaul and repair your machinery and get you back up and running safely.

Hydraulic cylinder repair services:
We specialize in hydraulic cylinder repair including complete cylinder reconditioning that includes disassembly, repacking of seals, reassembly with full hydraulic testing.

Hydraulic cylinder lathe repairs:
Lathe services now available up to 8”. Pins and bushings. Lathe Cylinder repairs. Cut heads. Trim piping.

Hydraulic cylinder retrofits and valve overhauls.

Hydraulic cylinder seal repair.

Hydraulic cylinder packing.

New hydraulic cylinder installations.

Hydraulic cylinder inspections and hydraulic cylinder maintenance.

Hydraulic valve repair.

Hydraulic boom repair.

Hydraulic bucket repair.

Hydraulic truck repair.

Dielectric Testing:
High-voltage dielectric testing of aerial lifts, platforms, bucket trucks, etc., is a very critical testing application that must be performed correctly by trained personnel using the proper equipment and accepted testing methods, like those described in ANSI Standard 92.2.

Preventative Maintenance Services:
such as oil changes, light changes, part replacement and light mechanical work.

Annual boom inspection & DOT inspection services.

Hydraulic Repair Centers:
Our facilities are state-of-the-art repair centers including high ceilings, and lots of square footage to accommodate and fix hydraulic vehicles indoors, out of the weather with plenty of space to fully test our customers' trucks.

Our Customer Service:
Quick turn around times, communication and customer service separates us from our competition. We get things done faster, safer and more efficiently. This brings cost savings to you.

Contact us for your next hydraulic repair or hydraulic parts today!

Our customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We know besides great employees, your equipment is the lifeblood of your company’s operations. At Hydraulix, we are committed to providing your hydraulic boom truck repair, electrical repair, hydraulic maintenance and hydraulic parts needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner, so you can get safely back on the road as soon as possible.

Contact us today at 1-888-493-1349 to discuss and schedule your hydraulic and electrical repairs at our Columbus, Ohio facility or to place a parts order.